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It’s  always about the journey….

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

From the first time I read this quote, I thought to myself… how would my life,  choices, environment, perspective, circle of friends, family and co-workers, etc. be affected if I lived my life inspired by this quote? I wondered what kind of shift would occur if I decided to live from a place of love instead of fear, compassion and grace over irritability, and joy as opposed to sadness or anger.

Since 2011, I have been focusing my life on my personal evolution and spiritual path. I really wanted to get clear on how my existence and the way I lived not only affected me, but the universe, and all Beings. I made a commitment to myself that I would learn as much as I could about being the best version of myself that I could be, so that I was able to confidently show up for myself and for others. Years later, I now recognize that this path inward, is about unlearning, un-conditioning what I thought I knew,  and instead it is about trust, surrender and connecting to the infinite heart  wisdom that lies within…within us all.

I enrolled in a one month intensive yoga teacher training at an Ashram in Quebec, travelled, volunteered and worked in various yoga communities around the world, enrolled in workshops, read books, and participated in many silent meditation retreats, including  5 day dark room retreat…  All of these experiences of doing/learning/seeking taught me a very important lesson.

I began to learn that it is not so much about doing, acquiring or seeking, but more about simply Being, getting still, surrendering and connecting with Source. I also learned that this meant accepting my shadow side just as much as my light, and seeing it as two sides of the same coin. We cannot understand balance, without experiencing imbalance.

With the support of a daily practice of yoga, meditation, dance, prayer, breath work,  and service, I  can feel an indescribable effect on the way I see the world and live my life in every moment. I truly believe that we have everything we need, within us.

I had been studying yoga since 2006, but it has been since 2011, that my practice has moved beyond asanas (physical postures) and evolved into more of a holistic, heart-centered approach to yoga. I also have realized that yoga is not only the moments on my mat, but also off the mat, and how I choose to respond to each moment from a place of consciousness.

Now, I live yoga each each time I meet someone, complete a task, make a decision, drive the car, work in the garden, prepare a meal, etc. Everything is an offering.

Speaking of meals, I enjoy a whole foods diet, mainly plant based,  which strongly supports my love for the environment and my overall health and well-being. I personally feel a vegetarian diet is very supportive of my lifestyle and conducive to my practices.

While studying to become a Holistic Nutritionist in 2010, I began to experiment (a lot!) with vegetarian and vegan cuisine, raw foods, juicing, cleansing and detox, eating organic and locally, etc and fell in love it with it! Experimenting and creating in the kitchen is one of my passions (a long with traveling) and I absolutely love sharing and educating others about how to include more wholesome, natural, seasonal foods into their diet. I believe that there is no one diet for everyone, or that we must maintain the same diet  our entire life. As we grow and our needs evolve, so does the way we eat. Again, we just need to be still, and tune into our bodies. Our body is a very smart “machine” and knows exactly what it requires to maintain a state of balance.

My career started as a high school teacher, and it was a short one. I feel so blessed that I found the courage to listen, and be guided from within, by my intuition , to surrender…  to let go and trust that the universe was going to guide me exactly where I needed to be….Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island. I worked there as the manager from 2012 – 2018, where I also had the opportunity to teach cooking classes, yoga, meditation and offer retreats and private consultations. The experience of living in community with kindred spirits was one of transformation and beyond any explanation.

I am so lucky that each day I get to be a student and a teacher! I am currently working and traveling as a free lance yoga instructor, workshop/retreat leader, plant based cook, hosting women’s circles, and continuing to offer consultations. Each day I live an inspired life and get to be educating about everything that excites me – the connection between health, food, yoga, environment and personal empowerment.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you imagined. (Henry David Thoreau).”

In Peace and Gratitude,

Lacey Budge


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