Welcome to the Emergence Sisterhood!

We are a global, community of like minded women committed to remembering the Truth of who we are.

We are here to support you as your remember and reclaim your True Essence, Lunar Connection and Inner Goddess!

Join us for online and in person women’s circles, courses, retreats, cleanses and more!

Our Offerings

Red Rose 1 (2002)

An online, private, membership based sanctuary offering live monthly new moon and full moon circles, movement practices, wheel of the year rituals, group mentorship and 1:1 mentorship with Lacey. Membership starts at $5/ month. Registration is always open.
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The Beauty Way 6 Week Holistic Cleanse
Summer Session starts August 10th
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emergence journey

The Emergence Journey: An online 9 week journey back to the sacredness of our body, voice, menstrual cycle, life and true essence. Join us for our 4th annual journey beginning on the Autumn Equinox, September 2020.
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