The Beauty Way Cleanse

Welcome, our 2020 spring cleanse is now complete.
If you are interested in joining for the next 2021 Spring Beauty Way Cleanse, you can provide your details below and will be notified when registration opens.

 Welcome to The Beauty Way 6 Week Cleanse
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The Beauty Way offers a holistic approach to cleansing that focusses on a renewal and purification of body, mind, heart and spirit. 

You are welcome exactly as you, regardless of your current diet and lifestyle, or whether this is your first or 13th cleanse!

This cleanse invites you to focus on including more
– Wholesome, natural, high vibration, living food
into your diet and life so you can feel lighter, clearer and more vibrant! There are 4 tiers to choose from depending on how deeply you want to cleanse, including optional days of juice feasting!

– Movement practices like yoga (hatha, flow, restorative, yin, yoga nidra), qigong, dance and time in nature to enliven and awaken your body and pranic energy.

Mindfulness practices like meditation, breath work, mantra, affirmations, journaling, gratitude, and prayer.

– Nourishing Self Care Practices for rest, rejuvenation and awakening your inner Beauty Way Goddess.

Cleansing protocols to clean and purify all of your major bodily systems.

Beauty Way principles in your approach to cleansing allowing space for intuition, listening to your body, not needed to be perfect, learning from “mistakes”, going with the flow without a rigid goal oriented plan.

What’s Included…. Each week you will receive

  • a 60 minute Recorded Content Video and Weekly Guidebook offering an abundance of resources and practices to cleanse and awaken body, mind, heart and spirit.
  • A cleanse preparation guidebook sent to you before the cleanse begins.

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  • Access to our private Additional Resources online folder overflowing with plant based recipes, cleansing guidelines, expert videos, movement practices,  inspiring readings, and all you need for your cleanse to be successful!
  • Live Opening Gathering before the cleanse begins
  • 3 Live Group Support Calls (60-90 minutes each) to connect with our group, ask questions, receive support, share inspiration, etc
  • 6 Weeks of Inspiring Guidance & Mentorship with Holistic Nutritionist Lacey
  • Interactive Group Chat for on going support, inspiration and sharing.

You are Beautiful!

Cleanse and renew body, mind, heart and spirit
Remember and reclaim the ancient path of The Beauty Way
Support and celebrate in sacred sisterhood
Honor yourself as the Queen you are

Invaluable Sacred Investment in your Holistic Health
for the full 6 weeks

*payment plans are available. 50% deposit upon registration to secure your space.*


Upon Registration with payment you will receive more details to prepare for our time together!

Blessed Be ❤