The Emergence Journey

Are you ready to be supported and celebrated in your Emergence?


Join a global sisterhood of women, who are reawakening, remembering and emerging into their fullest expression, for our 4th annual
Emergence Journey.


To Emerge:  
to come into light, to come into being, to rise, to grow 

It is an EMERGENCE-y! We are in a time of rapid change, transformation and awakening.  We are feeling called, as women, to show up in a different (and revolutionary!) way. Can you feel it?

Mother Earth is calling her daughters home to remember the Truth and radiance of who we are, and have always been; to remember the sacredness of our temple body, holy womb and menstrual cycle; to reclaim our feminine wisdom and lunar connection; to shine our radiant light and share our unique gifts.

This nine week journey has been intentionally and lovingly created to support you as a woman, in all aspects of your life, as you flow through life and cycle with nature’s rhythms.

A gift. A true gift to yourself are the words I can use to describe the Emergence Journey. A deep dive into the sacred life of woman and our lineage by exploring living with the moon cycles and beyond. The physical, emotional and spiritual changes I experienced were profound and the guidance of Lacey Budge made this very unique and special. Lacey is truly a gifted priestess with the amazing ability of bringing to light these remembrances in a very supported group setting. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in a deep understanding or yourself and your womanhood in a safe space of sisterhood. I am looking forward to taking this journey again. ~ Christine, 54

Is Emergence for you?

  • I want to feel seen, heard and supported in my life.
  • I want to remember what it’s like to be my most authentic and peaceful Self.
  • I am feeling the need to come together in a non-judgmental and sacred space with like minded, conscious women.
  • I am yearning to connect in a deeper way with my Self, partner, women,  nature, the cycles of the moon and all of creation!
  • I am ready to reclaim the sacredness of my menstrual cycle; to honour all her phases, release womb pain and trauma, and reconnect with the wisdom of my womb.
  • I am ready to realign my entire being- body, mind and spirit, for a more balanced and ease-full life!
  • I am ready to let go past conditioning,  limiting beliefs,  fear, worry, stress and the stories that hold me back!
  • I am ready to step into the most confident, loving, sensual, wild, wise and harmonious version of my Goddess Self!
  • I am ready to Emerge! To be Celebrated and Honoured! 


Emergence Journey Includes

  • 9 WEEKLY ONLINE LIVE GATHERINGS  (9 Live Calls – 2 hours each)
    Join us live each week, or watch the replay on your own time if you cannot make the call. Each gathering has its own inspiring theme (outlined below) and is an invitation to reawaken the wisdom that lies within. The calls gracefully weave together the sacred and the mundane; the practical and the spiritual; the mental
    and the embodied as well as offer time and space for sister support.
  • 9 Home Practice Guidebooks (over 40 pages!) overflowing with supportive practices to honour body, mind and spirit: meditations,  journaling questions, self care rituals, prayer, invoking the inner Goddess, affirmations, lunar yoga video classes, guided audio practices, music playlists, artistic projects, herbal and diet support, and taoist practices including an introduction to the jade egg.
  • 1 LIVE Samhain (Halloween) Ceremony (2 hours)
  • 1 LIVE ONLINE Sister Support Circle (2 hours)
  • 4 Lunar Yoga Classes to support each phase of your cycle, including a Jade Egg Practice  that you can download and use forever!
  • ACCESS to private Facebook group to deepen connections, share your experience and reach out for sister support
  • INSPIRING INTERVIEWS with special guest speakers
  • Weekly music playlists to inspire and support your journey (and life!)

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Throughout the 9 week journey, you will be invited to

  • Create more space for stillness in your life.
  • Re-Awaken to the sacredness in your daily life
  • Heal & Harmonize the inner feminine and masculine
  • Experience a deep connection with nature
  • Explore your voice, gifts, greatest talents
  • Empower yourself by reorganizing your life in harmony with your menstrual cycle, to create more balance and ease
  • Deepen the connection with your highest self, and in all your relationships
  • Come into deeper appreciation for your menstrual cycles as well as balance your cycle and hormonal endocrine system
  • Embody your sensual self and the Goddess Within
  • Celebrate with more time for playfulness and innocence
  • Release trauma and invite in abundant, unconditional love
  • Remember your power, courage & strength
  • Welcome in vulnerability and step into the mystery of the dark void
  • Question all that has been projected upon you so you feel empowered to reclaim TRUTH and WHOLENESS.

The sacred and safe environment will encourage you to open and release; to share and celebrate; to feel welcomed and fully accepted as you are – however you show up.

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Commit to you and this beautiful journey!

Be a part of a supportive, loving sisterhood…a powerful movement and inner revolution

Can you hear the calling?

“Lacey’s Emergence course for woman went far beyond my expectations! She set us on a journey of self discovery that enabled each one of us to connect with our true self on such an intimate level. For me it was a magical heart opening experience that allowed me to step into all that I am, a Devine feminine being with courage and inner knowing. That is a true gift! And it has served me well with many of the challenges I face in my own life. It has helped to boost my confidence and expand myself with such gratitude. I have so many resources and new tools to use when I need them. Lacey is a true goddess! Her devine light is honest, pure and shines so bright with every person she meets, and with each offering she shares for the betterment of humanity.” ~Kerri, 44

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Please send interac e transfer and paypal to

Cancellation Policy: I honour and support the full commitment you are making to yourself; no refunds are offered for this journey.



Will I know all of the gathering dates in advance? YES! Upon registration you will receive all of the LIVE gathering dates, so that you can schedule them into your calendar.

Will I be spending a lot of time in front of the computer? Absolutely not. While the course materials are delivered online, all video recordings could be listened as audio only. The intention of the experience and practices is to guide you back within, a journey of transformation from the inside out.

meI bow to you sister…to all you are reclaiming and celebrating!

In love, devotion & radiance,