liberated woman costa rica 2020

January 15th – 22nd 2020

Farm of Life

You are invited to join Lacey Budge, and a group of incredible wise women, in the jungles of Costa Rica to reawaken your inner Goddess! Lacey’s ReWild & ReConnect retreats are created with so much love and intention as a heartfelt invitation for you to come home to nature – Mother Nature and the True Nature of who you are.

The Liberated Woman retreat is specifically created to honour you as a woman and support you during this time of potent transformation on the planet! Each day will explore a different theme through yoga, meditation, creative movement, self care, ancient feminine practices and immersing ourselves in nature to reawaken and welcome home our Liberated Woman. Rekindle the flame of you inner Wild Woman! Reclaim your inner Goddess of love, beauty, compassion, strength, wisdom and sacred sensuality!  

It is Lacey’s path, passion and purpose to bring women together, to share wisdom and teachings which have been revealed to her.  She acts as a sacred mirror to remind you of who you truly are.  Honour yourSelf with this gift of Self Discovery, Self Care and Self Love. 


2019 Retreats

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September 6th – 8th
Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island

Yoga, Meditation, Nature, Sacred Movement, Self Care & Sisterhood

Self Care is Self Love. Join Lacey Budge for an inspiring and nourishing retreat to savour the end of summer. Step out of your daily routine, and create space to fill your cup before diving into a busy fall schedule. Awaken & Restore the inner Goddess with a weekend of yoga (Flow, Hatha & Restorative), meditation, sacred movement to open the body and heart, self care practices, countryside walks, soul nourishing vegetarian cuisine, inspiring gatherings and an evening bonfire. Reconnect with the beauty, freedom and infinite joy that dwells within. Immerse yourself in Wolfe Island’s natural beauty with time outdoors swimming in the Brown’s Bay, sunbathing, walking the labyrinth, cycling, reading in a hammock, or simply sitting waterside with a journal and herbal tea. Connect with nature, Self, and sisterhood. All scheduled activities are optional – it’s your retreat!  We will have a magical weekend together, and you will leave feeling reconnected, reawakened and restored.


Shanti’s Labour Day Long Weekend & Conscious Cooking Retreat with Darin, Wendy and Lacey


August 30, 2019 – September 2, 2019

Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island

Savor the last long weekend of summer with Wendy, Darin and Lacey on Wolfe Island. Swim, hang in a hammock, sit waterside, star gaze, and enjoy the aliveness of nature at Shanti. Simply Be. Nurture and nourish your body, mind and spirit with gentle hatha, slow flow and restorative yoga, silent sittings, yoga nidra, and delicious, lovingly prepared vegetarian meals. You may also choose to opt in for two inspiring Conscious Cooking Workshops and a delicious food demo (with samples!) with Registered Holistic Culinary Nutritionist Lacey Budge. During the workshops, she will shed light on how you can mindfully take your yoga practice off the mat, and into your kitchen! Lacey will also discuss sacred nutrition; intuitive eating; and the physical and spiritual importance of eating local, seasonal, organic, whole foods. To register and for more information please see the website link below. Retreat schedule can be found on the more information document.



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Thursday July 18th – Sunday July 21st

Anishinabe Spiritual Center

Espanola, Ontario

Create space from your daily routine to slow down, center, and awaken to your true essence. Immerse yourself in nature’s stillness and connect with the renewing and harmonizing energies of Mother Earth and her elements. Purify, nourish and recharge all layers of your being. Spend time in sacred silence (mauna) for contemplation and rejuvenation.

Initiation is a rites of passage retreat for women who are open, ready, and truly willing to reawaken to and discover the Truth of who they are, and have always been. A rites of passage is a time of transition & transformation marked by a special ceremony. Our retreat includes a variety of ceremonies, ancient practices and rituals honoring rebirth and renewal, including a traditional sweat lodge ceremony, guided by a local elder.


2018 Retreats

ReWild & ReConnect:

 9 Day Self Care Retreat for Women with Lacey Budge in Costa Rica 

March 30th – April 7th, Farm of Life, Costa Rica

The ReWild & ReConnect Self Care Retreat is specifically created to honour, empower and celebrate you as a woman. It is designed in a way to allow you the space to feel safe and nurtured so you can fully relax and focus on your well being. Together, we will embark on a nourishing 9 day journey back to Inner Strength, Wisdom, Courage, Divinity & Connection to Mother Earth. It is my path, passion and purpose to bring women together, to share wisdom and teachings which have been revealed to me and to act as a sacred mirror to remind you of who you truly are.  Each day includes blissful moments of Self Care, the greatest act of Self Love.We will intentionally gather twice daily to experience a variety of practices, teachings and ceremonies to guide you back into harmony of body, mind and spirit. Everything is taken care of here for you! Remind yourself how good it feels to shower yourself with love, positivity, appreciation and compassion. Spring is the perfect time for renewal, cleansing, activation and intention setting.Will you join me in the jungle, Blessed one? For more information 


Thursday October 18th – Sunday October 21st

Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island

Self Care is Self Love. Join Lacey Budge, Shanti Retreat’s Coordinator, for an inspiring four day women’s retreat to Awaken & Restore heart and spirit. Savour the beauty of fall on Wolfe Island with a weekend retreat of meditation, restorative and flow yoga, sacred movement, self care practices, countryside walks, soul nourishing vegetarian cuisine, inspiring gatherings and an evening bonfire. This offering also includes a special Cacao Ceremony where you will enjoy a delicious superfood chocolate elixir, followed by a guided movement practice that will open the heart and invite you to reconnect with beauty, freedom and infinite joy. Immerse yourself in a natural setting with time outdoors walking the labyrinth, cycling, reading in a hammock waterside, or cuddle up fireside in the lounge with a journal and herbal tea. Connect with nature, Self, and sisterhood. All scheduled activities are optional – it’s your retreat!

Full Retreat Details: Schedule, Accommodation, Rates and more!

To register please email Lacey at

2017 Offerings

Women’s New Moon Gathering

Sunday August 20th, Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island

shanti retreat women's gathering

Gather once a month in sacred circle and connect with like-minded women. This is a time for women of all ages to unite and reconnect with the wisdom and power that dwells within. Come back home to Mother Nature and into harmony with her cycles and rhythms. Each 2 hour gathering offers a different theme and includes meditation, relaxation, intention setting, self-inquiry, the sharing of ancient teachings/practices and time for personal sharing. No pre-registration required. $20 drop in. Sunday August 20th, 7-9 pm, Shanti Retreat {in the magical yurt!}. Email with any questions.

Shanti’s September Mid-Week Yoga, Meditation & Culinary Retreat with Darin, Wendy and Lacey

September 5 – 7th, Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island


Join Darin and Wendy, co-creators of Shanti, for this September mid-week retreat along with the option to experience a vegetarian cooking class with Registered Holistic Culinary Nutritionist, Lacey Budge. Relax, recharge and restore. As we leave summer behind and step into fall, it is a glorious time here on Wolfe Island; the swans are back, the geese are gathering in the Bay and the sun is setting earlier. All are beautiful signs of autumns approach. There is a Stillness in the air – a lovely reminder of the Stillness that lies within. Retreat offerings include gentle hatha, slow flow and restorative yoga, guided meditation, yoga nidra, and delicious, lovingly prepared vegetarian meals. Spend your afternoon behind the scenes in the Shanti kitchen and learn the secret recipes during this 3 hour hands on vegetarian cooking class. Prepare a delicious meal with love and consciousness featuring local, seasonal and organic veggies. All scheduled activities are optional – it’s your retreat! Take time to connect with kindred spirits, the beauty of nature that surrounds us, and with Self…for more information 

New Moon & Autumn Equinox Ecstatic Dance with Lacey Budge

Wednesday September 20th, Shanti Retreat Wolfe Island

Celebrate the September Virgo New Moon and Autumn Equinox on Wednesday September 20th with an evening of Ecstatic Dance. Connect with like minded women during this practice of moving meditation, exploration and devotion. Take an inward journey with conscious music and dance in a safe environment on this day of perfect balance between night and day. The practice is gently guided and you will be invited to move intuitively. No dance experience is required. Release your inhibitions, shake it off and dance in your freedom. Arrival between 6:30 and 7. Ecstatic Dance from 7-9 pm. $20 per person. Contact Lacey at to register. Drop in also available.

Special Workshop: Feminine Life Design & Kundalini Meditation

Sunday September 24th, Samatva Yoga Studio (downtown), Kingston, 6-8 pm

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Do you feel intimately connected to nature and the cycles of the moon? Are you looking to invite more harmony, balance and ease into your daily life?

In honour of the Fall Equinox, Join Lacey Budge for a a kundalini meditation practice and workshop specifically for women, Feminine Life Design. Learn how you can approach and “design” your life in a way which honours your individual rhythms, cycles, emotions, physical energy levels, interests, purpose and YOU as a woman.

During this 2 hour workshop, Lacey will shed light on how Feminine Life Design, and living in accordance with the cycles of the moon and her own moon (menstrual) cycle, has changed her life and way of showing up in the world. She will offer you a better understanding, practical examples and tools on how to “plan” your life (i.e.: when to best start new projects, schedule important meetings or trips, make love, exercise vigorously, do yoga, practice mantra, be out in the world “doing,” celebrating as well as when to not make decisions or start a discussion with your partner. You will leave with a better understanding on when to schedule in time to rest, rejuvenate, go within, dream log, seek solitude, work with crystals and animal totems, simply be and how to “download” feminine womb wisdom. Lacey will also share a kundalini mantra meditation for women’s health which helps to restore balance of body, mind and spirit and bring greater harmony to your menstrual cycle. Tune into your body’s innate intelligence and the way the moon lives through you, so you can harness your energy and use it creatively, emotionally, sexually and spiritually… for more information & to register 

8 Week Fall Yoga Series at Shanti Retreat


Monday October 2nd – Monday November 27th (excluding Thanksgiving Monday)

7:30 – 9:00 pm, in the yurt.

$150 Pre Registration

$20 Drop In

Relax, recharge and restore. Join Lacey Budge, this fall, for an 8 week yoga series at the serene Shanti Retreat. The 90 minute class is all levels, so everyone is welcome, even beginners! The style of yoga is a blend of classical hatha yoga, gentle flow and restorative. The intention of this evening class is to nourish and relax body, mind and spirit. The practice will end with a 15 minute guided meditation by Wendy Madore. Class is open to women and men.

Classes begin Monday OCtober 2nd, and will be held until Monday November 27th, excluding Thanksgiving Monday.

Please email to register in advance ($150), or simply do a weekly drop in if that works best for you ($20).

All yoga props are provided.