Gatherings, Courses & Retreats

Upcoming Gatherings:

Monthly New Moon Gatherings at Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island

Gather once a month in sacred circle and connect with like-minded women. This is a time for women of all ages to unite and reconnect with the wisdom and power that dwells within. Come back home to Mother Nature and into harmony with her cycles and rhythms. Each 2 hour gathering offers a different theme and includes meditation, relaxation, intention setting, self-inquiry, the sharing of ancient teachings/practices and time for personal sharing. No pre-registration required. $20 suggested donation... more information

Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island

7-9 pm, in the yurt


Wednesday May 24th

Wednesday June 21st – Special Summer Solstice Ecstatic Dance

Sunday July 23rd

Sunday August 20th

Wednesday September 20th – Special Fall Equinox Ecstatic Dance

Thursday October 19th


ReWild & Reconnect:  A Self Care Retreat for Women in Costa Rica


Farm of Life Costa Rica

March 30th – April 7th, 2018

..more information…


Emergence Weekend Retreat

April 29th & 30th, 2017

Anishnabe Spiritual Centre


For more information

EMERGENCE: A 6 week Journey and Transformation Course for Women


It’s time.

Rise and step into your fullest expression

“I can hear the calling. It is so clear, and so beautiful. My dharma, or purpose, is service, and in this moment, Spirit is guiding me to bring together the Women of the North. It is time to let go, surrender, be empowered, learn and share our gifts. From the depths of my heart, I want to share the powerful and transformative practices that have been passed down and revealed to me and play such an important role in my personal growth. I want as many women as possible to also experience the beauty of this process of Self (re)Discovery. These ancient techniques and practices provide us with the tools to live this life as the women and goddesses we are..with strong and healthy bodies: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.”  ~ Lacey Budge

This is a time for women of all ages to unite and to reconnect with the wisdom and power that dwells within. For women who are ready to let go of who they think they are supposed to be, and step into the most authentic, loving, free, truth seeking version of themselves.

As our ancestors did, it is time we gather to learn and share the ancient traditions that women have been practicing for thousands of years in honour of a balanced and vital physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

General Overview

Each week will be an opportunity to gather in the community of sisterhood, learn ancient wisdom through experiential ‘workshops’ and practices, to share personal reflections, to let go of the masks and shed the layers we still feel the need to wear in our daily lives.

Over the six week period, you will be invited to emerge, transform, be vulnerable, find courage, surrender, soften, connect with your highest self, step into the magic of the mystery.

Through movement, breath, music, yoga, meditation, song, dance, ceremony, celebration, joy, tears, ritual, journaling, and creating, we will express and rediscover what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. The sacred and safe environment we will create will encourage us to open up and release that which no longer serves our Highest Purpose. What are your gifts? How do you want to live an embodied life and share your talents with the world?


Sage Purification at Farm of Life, Costa Rica

Become introduced to physical, energetic and breathing practices specifically for women to reawaken your sensuality and sexual chi (energy), bring balance to your hormones and reproductive organs, create a sacred relationship with your monthly moon cycle (even if you are no longer bleeding), promote breast and cervical health, as well as teachings on the Jade Egg.

What does it mean for you to emerge? To rise from what is holding you down; to come forth into who you are meant to be; to release a mask that no longer fits you; to blossom into that butterfly?

Plus!!!! We will unite and come together in honour of both the new moon and the full moon to celebrate! Experience the heart opening beauty of an authentic cacao ceremony with ecstatic dance as well as a magical night dedicated to awakening our senses!

Commit to you and to this beautiful process!

Be a part of a supportive, loving sisterhood…a powerful movement and inner revolution

Can you hear the calling?

Course includes


Women’s Annual Goddess Retreat at Shanti Retreat

6 weekly sessions of education, inspiration and connection (2 hours) + New Moon and Full Moon Gathering

Each session will include teachings, movement practices, meditation, experiential learning, individual sharing, fun, laughter and questions/practices to take home for self reflection.

Weekly Overview (more details coming soon!)

Week 1:

Reconnecting, Grounding and Tuning in: 

  • Creating community & sacred space in your daily life
  • Opening Circle with Intention Setting, Purification and Self Commitment
  • Identifying and Balancing the 4 bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

Week 2:

Accessing your Feminine Potential:

  • Understanding Feminine and Masculine Energies and Qualities (in the universe, within yourself and in your external relationships)
  • Introduction to Meditation Practice
  • The power of Manifestation / I AM affirmations / transforming our limiting beliefs
  • Waking up your Divine Feminine through sacred song and movement
  • Goddess Archetypes

Week 3:

Awakening & Reclaiming your Sexual and Sensual Self: 

  • Honouring your sensual nature
  • Exercises to reignite/cultivate sexual energy
  • Living an orgasmic life + types of orgasm
  • Women’s Health: Taoist teachings and practices, including the Jade Egg for optimal health and prevention
  • Releasing the energetic ties to past sexual partners

New Moon Gathering: A night of Awakening the Senses 

We will gather Friday night in honour of the full moon for a sacred night of awakening the senses with chocolate, essential oils, massage, singing bowls, and more!

Week 4:

The Red Tent: Calling upon ancient Wisdom 

  • Exploring, honouring and healing your moon cycle (even if no longer bleeding)
  • Sacred blood offering
  • Keeping track of the inner and outer moon
  • Finding your own natural rhythm (waxing, waning, full and new moon)
  • Practices for moon time & self- care

Week 5:

Living the path of love, the path of the feminine:  

  • Self Inquiry: What is your heart’s deepest longing?
  • Living with an open heart: going deep into the heart of who you truly are
  • Heart meditation, transfiguration
  • Letting go and surrender to your magnificence
  • Stepping into surrender with courage, love and authenticity

+ Full Moon Gathering & Celebration: Authentic Cacao Ceremony with Ecstatic Dance

Click here for full details of the practice

Week 6:

Grounding & Integration 

  • Revisiting the 4 bodies
  • Energy protection practice
  • Conscious and compassionate speech
  • Speaking and living your truth
  • Closing & Celebration



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