Cooking Classes

Join Lacey for a group cooking class or gather a group of friends or couples for your very own personal “cooking class” party!

Lacey specializes in plant-based meals prepared with local, seasonal and organic ingredients.  “The food itself becomes the ‘star of the show’ as it is already so tasty on its own! The food is grown and harvested close to home, so it is naturally more nutritious and delicious!”

Learn the basics to prepare nourishing meals at home which are wholesome, quick and easy!

Choose from a variety of classes…

Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine (Thai, Indian, Greek, Chinese, comfort foods, Italian, etc )

Gluten & Grain Free Goodness

Simple & Gourmet Raw Food

Decadent Desserts (gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, all natural)

Cleansing with juices, smoothies and superfoods

Cooking Classes for Kids

Past Events 

Culinary Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Vegetarian Cooking Class 

June 11-14th, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 12.44.33

Join Darin and Wendy, co-creators of Shanti, for this 4 day June mid-week retreat along with the option to experience a vegetarian cooking class with Registered Holistic Culinary Nutritionist, Lacey Budge. Summer is almost here, and it’s a wonderful time to enjoy all that Shanti has to offer! Hang out in a hammock, enjoy the views from a waterside chair, walk the labyrinth and enjoy the beauty of our natural surroundings. Give yourself the gift of retreating, and the opportunity to anchor in your natural state of Presence. Retreat offerings include gentle hatha, slow flow and restorative yoga, guided meditation, yoga nidra, and delicious, lovingly prepared vegetarian meals. On Tuesday, you can spend the afternoon behind the scenes in the Shanti kitchen and take part in a 3 hour hands on vegetarian cooking class. Prepare a delicious meal with love and consciousness featuring local, seasonal and organic veggies.

Cooking Class: June 12th, 1- 4 pm | Shanti Retreat Wolfe Island
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Culinary Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Fall Harvest Cooking Class 

Retreat: Septmeber 5th-7th, 2017

Cooking Class: September 6th 1-4 pm

Shanti Retreat Wolfe Island
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Dairy-Free Delights {part 1} : mylk, cheeze, ice cream and raw cheese cake

vegan-cashew-cheese 74c15857ef430933fc4e25a5665b4683

Join Registered Holistic Culinary Nutritionist Lacey Budge for a 3 hour hands on cooking class. Learn to re create all your favourite cheesy snacks, drinks and desserts, without the dairy! Everything will be made from scratch utilising nutrient dense and natural ingredients, and organic when possible.

During the class, Lacey will also shed light on the importance of reducing dairy from the diet, and offer you creative and fun ways to enjoy healthy dairy-free recipes. There is no need to sacrifice, or give up what you love, its all about balance and finding new delicious alternatives.

In one class, you will learn how to make:

  • fermented nut cheeses so you can add more natural sources of gut-friendly-probiotic-rich foods to your diet.
  • simple parmesan cheese recipe for italian night, or as a salad topping
  • easy, natural, preservative free dairy free milks (nut free version too!)
  •  2 creamy ice cream flavours that you (and your kids) will love!
  • a gourmet raw vegan cheesecake

The cooking class will provide you with the tools and recipes you need to re create these dishes at home for friends and family, as well as samples throughout the night… including a piece of cheese cake!!!!

An inspiring, educative and delicious way to spend a Friday night! Please bring your favourite tea, infused water, kombucha or elixir!


Date: Friday, May 6, 2016, 6-9 pm

Location: Private home, just outside of Espanola. Details will be given upon registration.

Rate: $50

Space is limited to 8 participants. To register, or for more questions, please email or by Facebook messenger to Holistic Lacey

Payment is non refundable in order to cover advanced food costs, but spaces are transferable in the case of a cancellation.

May 18, 2015 Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island
Theme: Vegetarian BBQ

Marinated and grilled portobello mushroom burgers served with an almond-basil pesto;
Creamy Vegan Caesar salad served with brazil nut parmesan “cheese”
and for dessert… a rich and decadent avocado chocolate pudding

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