Retreats & Workshops

2018 Retreats  

ReWild & ReConnect: 9 Day Self Care Retreat for Women in Costa Rica

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March 30th – April 7th, 2018

Farm of Life, Costa Rica

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August 31st – September 3rd 

Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island, Canada

Savor the last long weekend of summer. Swim, hang in a hammock, sit waterside, star gaze, and enjoy the aliveness of nature at Shanti. Simply Be. Nurture and nourish your body, mind and spirit with gentle hatha, slow flow and restorative yoga, guided meditation, yoga nidra, and delicious, lovingly prepared vegetarian meals. Registered Holistic Nutritionist Lacey Budge will also share two workshops on Conscious Cooking and shed light on how you can take your yoga practice off the mat, and into your kitchen! She will also discuss the importance of eating local, seasonal, organic, whole foods.

For full Details and to Register contact Shanti Retreat 

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Thursday October 18th – Sunday October 21st

Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada 

Self Care is Self Love. Join Lacey Budge, Shanti Retreat’s Coordinator, for an inspiring four day women’s retreat to Awaken & Restore heart and spirit. Savour the beauty of fall on Wolfe Island with a weekend retreat of meditation, restorative and flow yoga, sacred movement, self care practices, countryside walks, soul nourishing vegetarian cuisine, inspiring gatherings and an evening bonfire. This offering also includes a special Cacao Ceremony where you will enjoy a delicious superfood chocolate elixir, followed by a guided movement practice that will open the heart and invite you to reconnect with beauty, freedom and infinite joy. Immerse yourself in a natural setting with time outdoors walking the labyrinth, cycling, reading in a hammock waterside, or cuddle up fireside in the lounge with a journal and herbal tea. Connect with nature, Self, and sisterhood. All scheduled activities are optional – it’s your retreat!

Full Retreat Details: Schedule, Accommodation, Rates and more! 

To register please email Lacey at

2017 Retreats

 One Day SELF RENEWAL Retreat {Espanola}

Saturday October 28th | 9 am – 9 pm

Anishnabe Spiritual Center, Espanola

More information 

Mid- Week Culinary Yoga & Meditation Retreat


Tuesday September 5th – Thursday September 7th

Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island

More information …. 5 spaces remain! 

Annual Conscious Cooking Retreat


June 30th – July 2nd

Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island


Emergence: A Weekend Retreat for Women 


April 29th & 30th, 2017

Anishnabe Spiritual Centre, Espanola

Full Details Here

The Holistic Lifestyle Retreat in Costa Rica

Version 2

April 7-15th, 2017

Farm of Life Costa Rica

From Chaos to Stillness: A 27 Hour Silent Meditation Retreat

Friday January 20th (6-9pm) &

Saturday January 21st (9 am – 9 pm), 2017

Espanola, Ontario


In an intimate group setting, experience the beauty, inner peace and pure joy of moving your awareness inward and getting to know who you truly are. This 27 hour silent retreat is a beautiful opportunity to simply “be,” to learn how to sit with your thoughts/emotions and observe what arises without identifying or reacting. An opportunity to investigate who you truly are beyond your name, role, physical appearance, job, successes, losses, likes, dislikes, opinions, perceptions, belief system, judgments, etc….Throughout this 2 day retreat, I will guide and invite you to connect with your True Essence, Highest Self and Presence.

Through gentle yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, concentration techniques, time in nature and teachings on the spiritual heart, non-duality and self inquiry inspired by Ramana Maharshi, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, and Hridaya Yoga, you may begin to feel more connected to that space within you which is permanent, formless and unchanging. Learn how to become less identified with your always changing thoughts, emotions, identity and the constant chatter of the mind. Leave the retreat with a sense of renewal, a shift in perspective and variety of tools that you can integrate daily to better navigate your life.

This retreat is designed for everyone, both men and women, whether you have never meditated or have a regular practice.

The retreat includes 2 simple, nourishing, homemade and organic meals to support your practice.

Please note this is an offsite retreat, and accommodation is not included. It is highly recommended to set up your schedule and surroundings for Friday night to best support your process and journey. During the 2 day retreat, it is recommended to give yourself a break from reading, writing, listening to music, technology, alcohol and engaging into conversation with others.

Tentative Schedule
Friday, January 20th   | 6 pm -9 pm 
Welcome and sharing circle
… Into silence…
Talk: Why meditation? Why silence? What is meditation of the spiritual heart?
Breathing techniques (pranayama)
Concentration techniques (dharana)

First guided seated meditation (dhyana) (20 minutes)

Saturday, January 21st  
Optional arrival from 7am -9 am. Please have breakfast before you arrive or you can bring it with you.
9 am – 12 pm
Gentle movement and warming exercises
Guided Meditation (30 minutes)
Gentle yoga for relaxation, meditation and inner peace
Talk: Finding stillness amidst the chaos; stillness vs silence; Who am I?
Guided Meditation (40 minutes)
12 – 2:30 pm lunch and free time  to enjoy a silent walk in nature, or to sit with a cup of tea.
Talk: Becoming the witness of your experiences; ego vs the Self, Dissolving the illusion
Music meditation
Guided Seated Meditation (1 hour)
5:30 pm dinner
6 – 9 pm Evening Session
Written Q & A
Group sharing

Closing meditation

Location: 287 Spanish river drive Espanola, based on number of participants

Rates and registration 
$165 per person
** $150 when you sign up for the women’s one day wellness retreat on January 7th at the Anishnabe Spiritual Centre **

To reserve your place, please fill out the contact form below. Payment by e transfer is required to confirm your participation.

Women’s One Day Wellness Retreat: Self Care, Chakra Yoga & Teachings on Women’s Health and Well Being


Saturday January 7th, 2017

9 am – 9pm

Anishnabe Spiritual Centre  1091 Anderson Lake Road| Espanola, Ontario| P5E 1T1

Retreat Overview 

Dedicate this day to YOU! … To your well-being…to softening into inner peace…to awakening your passion… to connecting with your True Essence, nature and like minded women… and to your birthright, as a women, to take time for you, without any need of an explanation! I dedicate this day to you… I honour you and appreciate you. You are worthy. My wish for all women is that we aspire to connect with our Highest Self and the wisdom that lies within.

Throughout the one day retreat, you will experience a variety of self care practices rooted in the ancient traditions of yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, qi-gong and taoism. After the retreat, you will feel inspired and have the outer knowledge to create your own daily routine to bring more stillness, balance and self love into your life. Together we will practice chakra and Hatha yoga, meditation, self- inquiry, traditional energy movement practices for women, journaling, massage, self-care rituals, group sharing, time in nature, and simply being in each other’s presence.

Your body, mind and soul with be nourished with seasonal vegetarian cuisine including warming winter soups, stews, root veggies and clean comfort food. The menu will be gluten free and dairy free and I will be working closely with the chef, Andrea Noon, to create our menu. Herbal tea will be available throughout the day. An afternoon nutrition workshop will shed light on the topic of superfoods, herbs and diets for women.


9 am Arrival, Check In & Women’s Superfood Tonic. A special tea blend prepared with herbs specific for women’s health blended with cacao, maca, cinnamon, vanilla and coconut oil.


9:45 – 12:15 pm Opening Circle and Morning Gathering includes group sharing, chakra yoga, meditation, and self reflection journaling

12:30 – 1:30 pm Nourishing Lunch

2 -4 pm Afternoon Free Time for relaxing, walking outdoors, reading, napping, access bars session with Amanda from ACT wellness, snow shoeing, journalling, colouring, etc. During the afternoon break, I invite you to dive deeper within and connect with your Self through the practice of mauna, sacred silence.

4pm Superfood Snack 

4: 15 – 6:15 pm Afternoon Gathering includes conscious energy movement practice for women, and a variety of ancient self care practices rooted in yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, qi-gong, taoism and the path of the Goddess. Experience the practice of Abyangha – a relaxing hot oil massage…it will change your life! The afternoon gathering will also include a talk on optimal nutrition for women where we will discuss the use of different herbs, superfoods and diets.

6:30 pm Nourishing Dinner 

7:30 pm Evening Gathering and Closing circle includes yoga for relaxation, yoga nidra, heart meditation and group sharing.

9 pm Home Sweet Home 


$150 for first seven participants to register – – – SOLD OUT – – –

$165 until December 30th, 2016

$175 from January 1st, 2017

Want to extend your retreat experience?  Contact the spiritual centre to reserve a room for Friday and/or Saturday night. $45/night

To register:

To register, please fill out the form below to ensure availability. To reserve your space, please send full payment by e-transfer to In the case of a cancellation, you may offer your space to another woman, however refunds are unavailable.

2016 Calendar

Conscious Cooking Retreat – August Long Weekend

Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island, ON

Friday July 29th – Monday August 1st, 2016

conscious cookingClick here for full details, including retreat description, schedule, rates, accommodation styles, amenities and contact info.

Summer Awakening Retreat: Yoga, Nature & Raw Food Cleanse

Espanola, ON

August 12-14th, 2016summerawakening

Join Registered Holistic Culinary Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor, Lacey Budge, for a weekend dedicated to awakening to your highest Self!

Your body, mind and spirit will be nourished during this three day holistic retreat on the lake. Align yourself with the natural flow and cycles of nature. Deepen your connection to the elements and your own sacred inner temple through the embodied practice of chakra flow yoga and meditation. Dive into the depth of your soul through self reflection, journaling, and inspiring evening workshops that will guide you from a life of chaos, to one of stillness.

Cleanse and renew with vibrant, mouth watering raw food cuisine. Experience the benefits of eating high vibration meals prepared with local, organic, seasonal produce and love!

Experience the beauty of Northern Ontario summers, while connecting with a group of truth seeking women. Unite with wise, wild goddesses who want to feel the bare earth beneath their feet and the radiant sun on their skin. May we rise and walk this magical path together with an open heart and a soaring spirit.

Click here for full details including schedule, rates, accommodation and registration.

Superfood Tea Demo: Mint Chocolate & Coconut Turmeric Elixirs

Looking to include more superfoods into your diet? Join Lacey Budge, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, for a food demo and learn to create your own blended superfood tea elixirs at home. Once you know the basic recipe you can enjoy any style of superfood tea, including chaga or Matcha lattes. For her favourite recipes, Lacey will be using maca, cacao, turmeric, mct oil, and delicious teas offered at Cinder’s Health Food Store. Stop by to receive your free sample and recipes!

Saturday January 9th at Cinder’s Natural’s Health Food Store, Espanola Mall. 11 am – 2pm

Get your FREE copy of Superfood Teas E-Recipe book here!

One Day New Year’s Retreats in Espanola, ON

Choose from 2 One-Day Retreats! They are different offerings, but both provide a focus on nourishing the body, mind and spirit as well as offering inspiration, an opportunity to reset, to renew and to connect with like minded spirits. Rates below. Retreat to be held in Espanola.

Saturday January 2, 2016 – A Whole New You! One Day Wellness Retreat!

Give yourself the gift of wellness. Start 2016 with a sense of vitality and inspiration! Nourish your body, mind and spirit during this one- day-retreat filled with 2 yoga classes (active and restorative), guided meditation, free time for relaxation and rejuvenation, delicious wholesome vegan and gluten-free cuisine with a focus on cleansing and warming foods (perfect for winter), and a workshop on transitioning to a whole foods diet and lifestyle. Herbal tea available throughout the day.


8:30 am Arrival, energizing cacao elixir & Welcoming 

9:30 am Flow Yoga for Detoxification

12 pm Yummy Lunch

Free time to take a walk in nature, relax, nap, read a book, meditate, connect with like minded individuals…

3pm   Workshop: Transitioning to a whole foods diet and lifestyle + afternoon green juice. Includes time for Q&A (2 hours)

5:30 pm Delicious Dinner    

7 pm Restorative Yoga & Meditation

8:30 Departure

This one day retreat is open to both women and men, and the yoga classes are suitable for all levels. Spaces is limited to 10 participants. Breakfast is not included. Please bring your own yoga mat and journal for taking notes.

Sunday January 3, 2016 – Setting intention for 2016…a sacred women’s gathering!

Setting intention is crucial if we want to live a life of inspiration, passion, clarity and connectedness. How can we achieve what we desire, if we do not know? Nourish your body, mind and spirit during this one-day retreat where you will be reminded how to connect with your boundless feminine potential in this sacred sisterhood circle. Retreat includes 2 yoga classes (awakening the Goddess & Restoring the Goddess), heart-centered meditation, free time for practicing mauna – sacred silence, stillness and rejuvenation, and afternoon workshop which includes an opportunity for self-reflection and group sharing. Your body will be fuelled with wholesome vegan and gluten free cuisine with a focus on cleansing and warming foods (perfect for winter).  Herbal tea available throughout the day.


8:30 am Arrival + energizing, hormone balancing maca-cacao elixir

9:00 am Welcoming, setting Intention and manifesting our desires

10:30 Awakening the Goddess Yoga Class

12 pm Yummy Lunch

Free time spent in Mauna – sacred silence to take a walk in nature, relax, nap, journal, meditate…

3pm   Workshop & Self- Reflection: Connecting with your Infinite Potential  + Afternoon

green juice (2 hours)

5:30 pm Delicious Dinner    

7 pm Restoring the Goddess Yoga, meditation and closing circle.

8:30 Departure

This one day retreat is open to women who are interested in connected with like minded sisters, and  diving within to investigate any barriers that are holding you back from your best life. The yoga classes are suitable for all levels. Spaces is limited to 10 participants. Breakfast is not included. Please bring a journal for workshop and personal reflection.

Retreat Rates & Registration

To register, email

Rate is $150 per person. Payment is due within 2 weeks of your booking, and can be made by email money transfer. Space is limited, register early!

Cancellation Policy

Within 3 weeks of retreat date, refund is available minus $25 fee.

Within 2 weeks of retreat date, refund is available minus $50 fee.

Within 1 week of retreat date, refund is available minus $100 fee.

Within 48 hours of retreat, no refund is available.

At any time, your space can be transferred to a friend.

2015 Retreats at Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island

July 17-19, 2015

Shanti Yoga Retreat with Darin, Wendy & Conscious Cooking with RHN Lacey Budge

Join Darin and Wendy, co-creators of Shanti, for a summer retreat of yoga, meditation, silent morning walks and time to simply “be” with the beauty of Wolfe Island. This retreat will also include an introduction to conscious cooking. Shanti’s on site Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Lacey, will shed light on the importance of eating local, organic and seasonally prepared meals. Her workshop will also look at the connection between our thoughts, attitudes and emotions surrounding food – with body, mind and spirit. *THIS RETREAT IS NOW FULL*

Creating and Sustaining a Vitalized you!
Saturday July 25, 2015 ~ 8 pm
Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island, ON
What does it mean to feel vitalized? If you look in the dictionary, the word vital has a long history and many meanings. One definition describes it as “having remarkable energy or liveliness.” Another defines it as “our vital organs.” Does our sense of vitality only apply to the physical body and personality? Let’s dive deeper into the true meaning and connect with empowering descriptions like “being the seat or source of life,” “necessary to life, belonging to life” or “indispensable.” Do you feel your existence is vital? Do you feel you belong? Are you connected to the source of life? During this workshop, Lacey will shed light on a holistic approach to a vitalized life. She will share teachings and practices on how to discover, embody, and sustain your true, vital, essence. Learn to create a personalized definition that reunites body, mind and spirit.

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