The Beauty Way Cleanse

Welcoming you to join us on a 6 week journey to reawaken radiant holistic health!

::: Register by Tuesday April 27th & Join us for the live opening gathering ::: 

::: Partial Scholarships available for those looking for financial support. Everyone who feels called deserves a spot in this cleanse! Email me to learn more. :::  


 Welcome to The Beauty Way 6 Week Cleanse
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The Beauty Way offers a holistic approach to cleansing that focusses on a renewal and purification of body, mind, heart and spirit. 

You are welcome exactly as you are, regardless of your current diet and lifestyle, or whether this is your first or 13th cleanse!

This cleanse invites you to focus on including more
– Wholesome, natural, high vibration, living food
into your diet and life so you can feel lighter, clearer and more vibrant! There are 4 tiers to choose from depending on how deeply you want to cleanse, including optional days of juice feasting!

– Movement practices like yoga (hatha, flow, restorative, yin, yoga nidra), qigong, dance and time in nature to enliven and awaken your body and pranic energy.

Mindfulness practices like meditation, breath work, mantra, affirmations, journaling, gratitude, and prayer.

Cleansing protocols to clean and purify all of your major bodily systems.

– Nourishing Self Care Practices for rest, rejuvenation and awakening your inner Beauty Way Goddess.

Beauty Way Temple Rituals inspired by Goddess Guides Ma’at, Auset (Isis), Het-Heru (Hathor) and Lakshmi

Beauty Way foundational principles in your approach to cleansing. This means allowing space for intuition, listening to your body, not needing to be perfect, learning from “mistakes”, going with the flow of life without a rigid goal-oriented plan.

What’s Included…. Each week you will receive

  • a 60 minute Recorded Content Video focusing on cleansing and nourishing body, mind, heart and spirit
  • A Weekly Guidebook offering an abundance of resources and practices to support your cleansing journey  
  • A cleanse preparation guidebook sent to you before the cleanse begins.

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  • Access to our online private portal  overflowing with :
    *plant based recipes
    *cleansing guidelines
    *expert videos
    *movement practices (flow yoga, yin & restorative yoga, qigong, exercise) 
    *inspiring readings
    *… and all you need for your cleanse to be successful!
  • Live Opening Gathering before the cleanse begins
  • 3 Live Group Support Calls (60-90 minutes each) to connect with our group, ask questions, receive support, share inspiration, etc
  • Live Closing Ceremony after the cleanse ends
  • 6 Weeks of Inspiring Guidance & Mentorship with Holistic Nutritionist Lacey
  • Interactive Group Chat for on going support, inspiration and sharing.

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What do we explore during the content calls each weeks of the cleanse? 

Since this is a holistic approach to cleansing, every weekly video includes practices for body, mind, heart and spirit, such as

Meditation, prayer and breathwork practice;

Nourishing self care practices &  cleansing protocols;

Beauty way ritual suggestions to connect with your inner Goddess 

 Foundational cleansing education & principles such as: 

* Whole Foods & A Nutrient Dense High Vibration Diet 
*Finding the Acid Alkaline Balance 
*Cleansing Foods vs Nourishing & Building Foods
* “Where do you get your protein?”
*The Power of Fruit & Herbs
*Superfoods & Wildfoods 
*Rest & Digest
*Food Combining
*Introduction to Juice Feasting
*Intermittent Fasting
*Food as Medicine 
*Natural Body Care
*Spiritual Nutrition 

other special topics include Interconnectedness of body, mind, heart and spirit; Reconnecting to Mother Earth; Remembering your body as a sacred vessel; Creating a Sacred Morning Routine; Reclaiming your inner medicine woman & healer; Setting appropriate & aligned intentions; Emotional Cleansing; Natural Body Care & Adornment; Living a Beauty Way Life.

You are Beautiful!
Cleanse and renew body, mind, heart and spirit
Remember and reclaim the ancient path of The Beauty Way
Support and celebrate in sacred sisterhood
Honor yourself as the Queen you are

The Beauty Way Cleanse is for women who…

*already know and understand the importance of taking time for health & self care and are ready to re-commit 

*are looking to learn more about health or dive deeper into cleansing or a diet & lifestyle change

*who want to be supported in an accepting, non judgmental, inspiring sisterhood community

*are open and ready to bring their lives into greater balance, whether you are new to cleansing or experienced

*are wanting to experience greater energy, strength, clarity, radiance, joy and balance

*want to shift their routine to embody more of a holistic approach 

*want to deepen their spiritual connection and faith

*are simply exhausted, frustrated and know there has to be another way to approach health and wellness

Meet your Inspiring Guide!

Lacey lives a passionate, vibrant, natural and holistic life in the jungles of Costa Rica. She loves to nourish and nurture, and lives a devotional life of service as a plant based chef, registered holistic nutritionist, birth & postpartum doula, yoga teacher, retreat facilitator and women’s womb guide.

62548051_10104964630253460_8411643747854450688_nThe Beauty Way Cleanse is her invitation to welcome women to reclaim their birthright – radiant health: physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually, and to remember their body as sacred vessel of Spirit. She feels that in order for us to live and thrive with clarity, intuition and wisdom, we need clean, clear, purified & strong vessels.

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Live Call Dates
(& REPLAY links as available)
Opening Ceremony : Tuesday April 27th, 7:30 pm EST
Support Call / Q&A 1: Thursday May 6th, 7:30 pm EST
Support Call / Q&A 2: Thursday May 20th, 7:30 pm EST
Support Call / Q&A 3: Thursday June 3rd, 7:30 pm EST
Closing Ceremony : Tuesday June 15th, 7:30 pm EST

Every Sunday, you will receive access to a weekly 60 minute Beauty Way Cleanse Video (recorded) + a weekly guidebook filled with resources, practices and inspiration for body, mind, heart, and spirit all posted in our easy-to-access online private portal.


Invaluable Sacred Investment in your Holistic Health
for the full 6 weeks

$333 USD / $422 CDN

Join with a friend and you both save $33 

**partial scholarships are available*
*payment plans are available. 50% deposit upon registration to secure your space.*


Upon Registration with payment you will receive your preparation welcome guide more details to prepare for our time together!

Blessed Be ❤