Sahaja Doula Care

Holistic Birth and Postpartum Care in Costa Rica
with Lacey Theresa

Lovingly serving families in Costa Rica
Diamante Valley|Tinamaste| San Isidro| Dominical | Uvita | Ojochal

* I speak English, French and Spanish *

“The mother’s most important role from the moment of conception is to nurture her child so s/he can rediscover his/her essential spiritual nature.” ~Deepak Chopra

Welcome to Sahaja Doula Care,

I am so glad you are here! As a holistic birth and postpartum doula, I lovingly offer couples, mothers and families, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support during this life changing experience and time of great transition. 

I am passionate about serving families in a natural and holistic way.  I honor you, your birth partner and family in its wholeness and carry a deep understanding and respect for the intimate interconnectedness of body, mind, heart, and spirit. 

I am here to hold a sacred container of presence, respect and support as you reawaken to the innate, instinctual, intuitive wisdom and strength that you carry within.

The way we can work together looks different for everyone! There are many creative ways you can be fully supported.

What I offer as a full spectrum doula
All services can be offered in person or virtually, with the exception of postpartum chef support. Full details of each package below.

  • Birth Doula Support for home birth, hospital birth or birth center
  • Postpartum Doula Support
  • Postpartum Chef Support
  • Childbirth Education
  • Ceremonies
  • Holistic Nutrition Consultation
  • Miscarriage, abortion and infant loss support
  • Womb Wellness & Fertility Support

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“Our decision to invite Lacey into our home was a blessing. She entered  our home with respect, awareness, a sense of steadiness and a servant’s heart. She holds the kind of nurturing intuition that is necessary in this field and applies that intuition accordingly.  I felt safe and supported. I am thankful for her presence at my birth. She developed relationships with my children and husband and was a joy to have throughout postpartum. When Lacey left, we would have a meal ready to eat, new bedding, and lighter hearts. I’m happy to recommend her in the future. ” ~ Jamie S. (Birth & Postpartum Support)


Why Sahaja?
Sahaja is a sanskrit word meaning natural, spontaneous, original, innate, pure, or full knowledge of Self. Saha means born, and ja translate as with or together; reminding us that we are not separate from our true nature. The term Sahaja first came into my life in 2013 as I deepened into the practices of meditation and Self-Inquiry.  As I stepped onto the path of the doula in 2019 and listened more deeply as to why I felt so magnetically drawn to this calling, the answer was always Sahaja.

Birth is natural, innate and spontaneous, and so is this Being we are welcoming into the world – full of pure awareness, radiating presence and unconditional love. However, in our current reality, birth is often viewed as a medical process requiring intervention even without the presence of complications.

And so, through this sacred work, I am here to support you and your family as you reclaim the naturalness and sacredness of your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey, the way you envision it, and as guided by you.

Doula costa rica“Receiving Lacey’s support during our transition into parenthood was truly valuable and special. She was consistently very loving, caring, and easily approachable. From the onset, she made me feel very comfortable and made herself available to my partner at all times. Throughout our sessions together she showed great devotion and commitment to this path. Her skill set is very varied and came in super handy during the chaos that arises in the early postpartum. Not only did she cook hearty loving foods, but also would prepare healthy snacks, support us with some laundry and organizing around the house, as well as allowed me the space to voice and process my emotions, feelings and challenges as they aroused each week she visited. We are deeply grateful for how she served us and will recommend her services without question, for every family and every mother needs the kind of loving and nourishing support Lacey offers.” Maite O. (Postpartum Support)


Professional Summary

* Birth & Postpartum Doula through Doula Thrive, a 13 month training and mentorship program under the guidance of Master Birth Doula & Student Midwife Sarah Naia Soleil & Master Postpartum Doula Caitlyn Undreiner (2019- September 2020)

DT Certification* Registered Holistic Nutritionist through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, since 2012

* Plant Based Chef for retreat centers in Canada, Costa Rica & Guatemala, since 2012

* Certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor through Sivananda Yoga Center and various other teachers and styles, since 2012

* Creatrix of the Emergence Sisterhood, Sacred Feminine Leader & Retreat Facilitator since 2015

* Bilingual Bachelor of Education from Ottawa University, Canada (2010)

* Double Major B.A in Language Studies & Linguistics + Certificate to Teach English as an International Language, York University, Canada (2005- 2009)

* I speak english, french and spanish!

My doula work is very much inspired by Mother Nature, the Divine Feminine, and my own ancestral remembrances and journey into the womb.

doula costa rica postpartum
“Lacey was a lifesaver. She is very calm and steady, reliable, and easy to talk to. I felt I was able to relax, that someone who knew what they were doing was present. Lacey is obviously following a natural calling and is able to combine a flexible, go with the flow attitude with a professional side that is clearly structured, which is appreciated.” ~ Sri Devi (postpartum support)


Book a 40 minute complimentary initial consultation

“Lacey was an excellent addition to our birth team. Not only was she knowledgable, caring, and attentive, but I was comfortable enough with her to be honest about my feelings.
Immediately after our daughter was born there was a situation that required presence, attention, and action, and Lacey was quick to take it. She made sure that my needs were met throughout the process and made sure that my opinion and feelings were considered. We are very happy with her work.” ~Makenzie G. (Birth Support)


Sahaja Doula Care Packages

Signature Birth & Postpartum Doula Package
Complimentary Consultation (in person or online)
3 pr
enatal sessions (up to 90 minutes each)
Present for labor and delivery + 2 hours immediate postpartum
1 postpartu
m in home check in within 2-5 days of birth (60-90 minutes)
20 hours of postpartum support/integration/education visits (5 visits; 4 hours each)
Meal Preparation focussing on postpartum friendly meals and lactation snacks the whole family will love.
Breastfeeding Support
Light Support tasks around the home (ie- putting in a load of laundry)
Phone and email support + continuous care throughout the journey  

You may also opt in for the Full Spectrum BLISS package which includes the above package + 2 nourishing postpartum massages for mama with my partner, Jack – massage therapist & Body Worker


Birth Doula Package
Complimentary Consultation
3 prenatal sessions (up to 90 minutes each)
Present for labor and delivery & 2 hours immediate postpartum
1 P
ostpartum in home check in within 3-7 days after birth (60-90 minutes)
Phone and email support  + continuous care throughout the journey  


VIRTUAL Birth Doula Package
Complimentary Consultation
3 online prenatal sessions (up to 90 minutes each)
Virtual support with you or birth partner during early labour. Available as needed during active labour and immediate postpartum.
2 online P
ostpartum check in sessions within 3-14 days after birth (60 minutes)
Phone & email support + continuous care throughout the journey    


Postpartum Package
1 prenatal session with a focus on postpartum care (90 minutes)
20 hours of postpartum support/integration/education visits in home or online (2-4 hours each)
Breastfeeding Support
Postpartum Meal Preparation (soups, stews, roasted veggies, warming drinks, teas, bliss balls, muffins, etc)
Light support tasks around the home (ie: putting in a load of laundry)
Postpartum Healing Support (sitz baths, yoni-vaginal herbal steam)
Phone and email support + continuous care throughout the journey  


Blessing Way Rites of Passage
Postpartum Flower Bath Rituals to honour the mother
Family Healing Circle
Placenta Burial 


You may also be interested in 
Online Pre & Post Natal Care Sessions (2 hours each)
Holistic Nutrition Consultation (90 minute sessions) Learn more 


For more information regarding each package, and for any questions,
please contact Lacey via the form below.

“The body of a woman who is to conceive
Is being chosen as a channel
For the expression of divinity into materiality.
Although ovulation is a law of nature,
Conception is a law of God.”