Temple of Origins

Welcome to Temple of Origins

Temple of Origins was birthed with the intention of bringing women together in sacred sisterhood to reconnect with the ancient wisdom that lives within us that is ready to be remembered and reclaimed.

We are now living in a time where it is safe to remember these divine feminine truths, teachings and nearly forgotten stories that live within our very own cells, bones and blood. The Goddess and the prayers of our feminine ancestral lineage are calling us forth to say YES, and to remember together.

On the 13th of each month (May-September*), we will gather for an online live 2 hour Temple Call where we will journey back to the original temple to reclaim the wisdom, teachings, practices and rituals that are calling us home to our very own heart-womb. *with the exception of the month of may; call is Saturday May 6th.

Join us for 1 call, or all 5 based on your interest and availability. An email outline the monthly theme will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the call so you can decide which calls you’d like to join.

Welcome back to the Temple Priestess Sister, your presence has been long awaited.

We begin May 6th 2023!

In reverence to your remembrance,


During each 2 hour LIVE Temple Call we will dive deep into themes such as:
– Divine Feminine Mysteries
– Sacred Symbology & Art
– Etymology: Reclaiming the Power of the Word
– HERstory: Remembering feminine power, perspective and reverence
– Goddesses/ Archetypes: Mythology and Sacred Story Telling with Innana, Auset, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and more!
– Initiations & Rites of Passage
– Womb Wisdom & Lunar Blood Mysteries
– Elemental Wisdom & Priestess Arts
– Prayer & Sacred Texts
– Ancestral Lineage Healing

Overview of 2 Hour Monthly Temple Call (all calls recorded)
– Arrival meditation (15 minutes)
– Wisdom sharing (60-75 minutes)
– Guided embodiment journey in relation to this month’s temple theme (15 minutes)
– Sister Shares (15 to 30 minutes)

After the call you will receive a downloadable video recording + a pdf with embodiment and deepening practices (ie- journal questions, ritual suggestions, playlists, etc)

These Temple Gatherings are for you if you yearn to
– Immerse yourself in ancient feminine wisdom & mystery school teachings.
– Connect in Sisterhood and reclaim the traditional ways of learning with women.
– De-condition from cultural, societal & religious programming and reclaim sacred hidden truths.
– Reclaim the power of ritual, initiations and rites of passage in your life.
– Expand your awareness and understanding of Goddesses, archetypes and a feminine approach to ‘HER’story.
– Connect more deeply with your intuitive, feminine self and the power of your womb and sacred blood
– Reawaken past wisdom, knowledge and gnosis that is carried within you.
– Honour your feminine lineage and create waves of healing for future generations

Temple of Origins Investment
Register for the mystery school “class pass” that suites you best.
All calls are recorded if you can’t join us live.

Live Temple Calls take place on the 13th of each month from 7-9 pm EST, with the exception of the first call which is on May 6th.

1 time mystery school class pass
1 x 2 hour Temple Call + Deepening Practices & Ritual Guide

3 time mystery school class pass
3 x 2 hour Temple Call + Deepening Practices & Ritual Guide
save 9%

5 time mystery school class pass
Join us for all sessions – live or recorded!
5 x 2 hour Temple Call + Deepening Practices & Ritual Guide
save 13%

All class passes can be used for any gathering based on interest and availability.

Payments can be sent via e transfer or PayPal to Lacey.budge@gmail.com
There are no refunds available.

I’m Ready to Claim my Space

Temple Logistics
Call Dates (7 – 9 pm EST) :
Saturday May 6th
Tuesday June 13th
Thursday July 13th
Sunday August 13th
Wednesday September 13th

Calls will take place online via Zoom.
Deepening Practices and Ritual guide will be sent via email as a PDF.
Recordings will be available within 24 hours after the call. You will have access and be able to download the session for up to one month after the call.
You will receive a link for the live call + call theme 3 days prior.
Call recordings may not be shared with unregistered participants in order to honour the safety of our container.

And so it is!