The Sanctuary

Join us every 6 weeks to celebrate and honor  the 8 annual high holy-days.

8 LIVE annual Gatherings to honour the change in seasons and nature’s rhythms on the Wheel of the Year


Join us LIVE in sisterhood, every 6 weeks, as we honor the change of seasons on the wheel of the year and celebrate the 8 solar gateways and high holy days.  Gather for 8 special ceremonies : 

Winter Solstice (December), Imbolc (February), Spring Equinox (March), Beltane (May), Summer Solstice (June), Lammas (August),Fall Equinox (September), Samhain (October),

Gatherings are always recorded if you are unable to join us live.

Upcoming Gathering:

Wheel of the Year: Beltane Celebrations
Wednesday May 3rd 2023  ::: 7:30 – 9 pm EST

This offering is being shared by sliding scale $11- $22, or you can join us for free
*a reminder email for those registered will be sent leading up to the gathering 

Why Join the online Emergence Sisterhood Sanctuary?

  • to know I have a sacred space and sisterhood that is always there for me
  • to connect with like minded women and experience the many benefits of women’s circles
  • to be a part of a safe, non-judgmental group of women
  • to be supported, seen and celebrated by others and to empower other women
  • to be held self-accountable for my spiritual growth and remembrance
  • to honour the cycles of nature and the moon
  • to continue embodying the path of the feminine
  • to learn from other women and to share my own wisdom and medicine in the circle
  • to celebrate the wheel of the year and high holy days (ie: solstice, equinox)
  • to learn, remember, discover the truth of who I am
  • to benefit from small group mentorship call

Looking forward to sharing this cyclical journey together.

Love, Lacey