_dsc0913“Each moment is an opportunity to bring awareness of the body, mind and spirit to all areas of my life; an opportunity to serve with this energy that is me, and that which is so much more than me. ” ~Lacey Budge

HolisticLacey.com was created with the intention of sharing Lacey’s love for living life….holistically.  She deeply understands the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit in all aspects of life.

She believes it is through inspiring and living by example, that we can make a difference. Lacey Budge is dedicated to guiding individuals to live a holistic life, and to rediscovering that which is already within. She uses tools such as whole food nutrition, yoga, meditation, life experiences, relationships, self inquiry, connection to nature, and more…
Her dharma (or life purpose) is service, and she believes that the best way (for her) to truly serve is by inspiring, educating and sharing her story (the light and shadow sides), knowledge, tips and SMILE, with as many people as possible.

Through this website, you can learn about upcoming workshops, retreats, yoga classes, special events, etc. You can also read more about body, mind and spirit consultations and stay connected through social media.

On the blog, you will find a little bit of everything from recipes and meal ideas, posts about nutrition, yoga, gardening, natural living, to personal posts.

Lacey Budge is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist,  Certified Yoga and Meditation instructor, Creatrix of the Emergence Sisterhood, self taught chef, public speaker, writer, travel enthusiast, nature love, visionary and modern day priestess.



6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hey Lacey – I’m interested in your August retreat in Espanola – my email address has changed – can you send me some info please? Thanks!



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