Offerings: Body, Mind & Spirit Consultation

A Holistic Mind, Body and Spirit consultation is unlike most traditional health care “appointments.”  Lacey combines professional knowledge (Registered Holistic Nutritionist, self-taught chef, yoga and meditation instructor, inspirational guest speaker, spiritual life coach) and personal experience to create an approach and lifestyle that works for you. She  invites you to take a look at your life from a perspective that you may have not considered.

This style of consultation may benefit anyone who has tried conventional medicine, but is not feeling satisfied with the options, treatments or service, and would like to get to the root cause of the imbalance, instead of merely covering the symptoms of the physical body.

Consultations are available via phone, skype or in person.

Holistic Mind, Body and Spirit Initial Consultation (60 minutes)

During the consultation, you will feel in a safe and positive environment to discuss any topics, goals (physical, personal, spiritual)  and/or concerns that are hindering you from living your best life…the way you imagine it.

You will begin by looking at and discussing any imbalances that have manifested in the physical body (disease, inflammation, weight gain, back pain,  poor digestion, insomnia, depression, etc), which may have resulted from an imbalance in the emotional, energetic or spiritual body.  For a holistic approach, the consultations includes a discussion of overall health, medical and family health history, lifestyle, diet habits, exercise, stress level, emotions, environment and anything that may be going on in your life.

One of the intentions of the consultation is to shine light on any reoccurring patterns, habits, choices, etc that continue to hold you back in various areas of your life (health,  career, relationships, true purpose, etc). This increase in awareness can result in an improvement of your lifestyle, overall feeling of well-being and quality of life.

With holistic nutrition, you can get to the root of the imbalance and learn how to make changes that last.

After the initial consultation, you may continue to work with Lacey to develop an individualized wellness program which works for you based on your goals and intentions after the initial conversation.  That may be balancing the physical, mental, emotional and /or spiritual body. With an understanding of the interrelationship of the mind, body and spirit, Lacey offers a variety of follow up packages that can focus on  menu planning and diet/lifestyle changes, cleansing and detoxification, personal life coaching, intention setting, yoga, meditation, stress management, digestive healing, allergies and food sensitivities, hormone balancing, holistic pregnancy, weight loss, anti-inflammatoryy lifestyle, improved sleep, longevity, spiritual health, etc.


Initial 75 minute consultation: $90

60 minute follow up: $80

30 minute follow up: $45

During a follow up, Lacey provides you with your individualized plan, guidance, support and answers any other questions you may have.

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