Offerings: Cooking Classes

Join Lacey for a group cooking class or gather a group of friends or couples for your very own personal “cooking class” party!

Lacey specializes in plant-based meals prepared with local, seasonal and organic ingredients.  “The food itself becomes the ‘star of the show’ as it is already so tasty on its own! The food is grown and harvested close to home, so it is naturally more nutritious and delicious!”

Learn the basics to prepare nourishing meals at home which are wholesome, quick and easy!

Choose from a variety of classes…

Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine (Thai, Indian, Greek, Chinese, comfort foods, Italian, etc )

Gluten & Grain Free Goodness

Simple & Gourmet Raw Food

Decadent Desserts (gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, all natural)

Cleansing with juices, smoothies and superfoods

Cooking Classes for Kids

For more information, upcoming cooking classes or to hire Lacey, please contact her via the website contact form

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