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Full Moon in Aquarius – July 23 2021

Namaste and Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!

The full moon is exact Today, Friday July 23rd 2021, at 10:36 pm EST and falls in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, and the element of Air. In yogic philosophy, the air element is connected to the heart chakra – anahata.

How is your heart?

My heart is present to tenderness, gratitude, forgiveness, and devotion (at the moment! – as we know emotions are always shifting. They can bring a lot of information and medicine with them, and yet they are energy in motion, and not the true us)   

So much is shifting within me, that the true self observes and witnesses. 
I am curious, are you feeling energies of being reborn?
Of layers shedding and witnessing new energies emerging?

What is being illuminated and amplified in your life at this time of the full moon?

What is being illuminated for me:

The power of intuition/instinct and how invaluable it is to cultivate this relationship with our inner compass, to be guided by it and trust. There is a responsibility to use discernment and know the difference between true intuition or choices/guidance made from emotional reactions.

Intuition is connected to our 3 sacred seats : third eye, heart center and womb/gut/lower belly.

Where and how do you connect to your intuition? 
Clear seeing and in-sight of your third eye, ajna chakra?
Your heart’s wisdom and true knowing? Did you know the heart can energetically sense something before it even happens!
Your gut instinct or womb power. 
All of them!!!

I am the Creatrix of my life. My creativity and passion is my life force energy.

How have you been expressing yourself creatively? When we connect to our creativity, we connect to the 2nd chakra – our inner waters. I am noticing a surge in creative energies lately and it feels really life giving.

How do you like to express your creativity? art, dance, music, creating projects, bringing forth a vision, working with plants, making natural products, cooking, etc.

The symbol for the Aquarius sign is the water bearer. Imagine the goddess with her sacred chalice overflowing with water (ie: creativity, wisdom, knowledge).

 I invite you to take some time during this full moon time to create, create, create and feel all that you are offering through your divine presence.

Dear One, what is overflowing forth from your heart’s cup or womb chalice?

With Lunar Love,

New Moon in Cancer ~ July 9 2021


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Namaste and New Moon Love

This month’s new moon lands on Friday July 9th at 9:17 pm EST. A reminder that the energies of the new moon can be felt days before and after the exact date of the new moon.

The new moon is a beginning of a 28 day cycle and a supportive time for you to pause, slow down, reflect and listen.

This new moon is in the zodiac of cancer and connected to the water element.

The sign of cancer can be an invitation to reflect upon the theme of homenurturing, nourishment and our connection to Mother Earth. 

What comes to mind when you reflect upon the word, home? The physical home you are living in; the land you are living on; your body temple and sacred vessel;  Mother Earth; a soul family; or the felt sense of belonging and feeling “at home”  within yourself?

Journal Questions to connect with the theme of home, nurturing, nourishing, mothering, connecting:
How do I nurture my home?
How do I nourish myself?
How do I mother myself and others?
How do I compassionately care for the earth?
Do I feel at ease in my home, in my body?

The mother, the feminine, is the dark. 
She is the nutrient rich soil below us,
the cosmic night sky above us,
the fertile womb of creation within us.
We all come from and grow in the dark.

With the new moon in the watery sign of cancer, this is also a beautiful time to connect with, tune into and witness the inner emotional waters and tides. Are the emotions flowing, stagnant, powerful, peaceful, effortless, graceful, forcing, allowing?

What is your inner emotional landscape revealing to you at this time of the new moon?

Goddess Embodiment Practice

Stand with your bare feet on the earth.
Feel your feet rooted below you. Drop your tail bone to the earth, bend the knees gently.
Stand centered and balanced.
Soften your belly, and muscles of the jaw
Breathe into your feet.
Breathe the energy of the earth up into your feet.

Breathe the energy of the earth up into your feet, your legs, yoni and womb.
Feel the energy of the earth spiraling all the way up to your heart and throat. 
Repeat this with 7 deep breaths, absorbing the energy into your entire being.

On the 8th breath, open your mouth with a relaxed jaw and allow the sound of the earth to sing through you. Set aside any judgements of your own voice and allow the sounds of the earth to be released up and out your mouth like a soaring eagle. Repeat for as long as feels good.

When you feel complete, bring your hands to your lower belly and take 3 breaths to integrate and settle the energy.

What song is the earth singing through you?

Practice inspired by Aliya Galim @earthtempleweaver

With Lunar Love,