COSTA RICA 2022: Awaken & Restore Women’s Retreat

Our 2022 Women’s Retreats are now complete.

Please inform me of future women’s retreats & immersions in Costa Rica.

Welcoming you to vibrant and lush Costa Rica for a rejuvenating and inspiring self care & self-discovery retreat for women.

Join us in the jungle for 8 days filled with nature, sunshine, waterfalls, hikes, beach time, yoga, meditation, dance, women’s circles, self discovery, ceremonies, fresh coconuts, tropical fruit, nourishing plant based meals, relaxation and celebration.

womens retreat costa rica

The Awaken & Restore Retreat is for women who are feeling called to come together in a natural sanctuary and re-discover the truth of who they are, all while being immersed in the beauty of the elements, nourished by the incredible Farm of Life land and family, & supported by other women in sisterhood.

The Awaken & Restore Women’s Retreat, February 26th – March 5th 2022, Lacey’s 5th annual retreat offered at the Farm of Life, is an invitation for you to AWAKEN & RESTORE your connection

to the Truth of who you are & have always been;
to the wisdom and power of Mother Nature,
to the support of community and sisterhood.

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What is ready to be awakened and restored?

Inner Peace & Balance
Radiant Health & Vitality
Self Care & Healing
Mother Nature & the Power of the Elements
Passion, Purpose & Gratitude
Trust & Faith
Courage & Strength
& Sisterhood
Creativity & Joy
Clarity & Focus
Sensuality & Self Love
Forgiveness & Compassion
Your inner Wild Woman & Radiant Goddess

Take this time for you and dedicate this retreat to your holistic well being and remembrance of Self. Recharge physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Immerse yourself in the healing jungles and waters of Costa Rica and fill your cup.

Awaken & Restore with daily yoga, meditation, sacred movement, transformative ceremonies including a traditional sweat lodge experience next to the Diamante (diamond) river, women’s circles and nature adventures like waterfall hikes and beach trips.

The sweat lodge ceremony is a symbolical return to the womb, and an invitation to deepen your connection with the womb of the earth, the celestial womb of creation and your own womb blueprint. Be supported as you purify, pray, and release to mother earth what is not serving you. You will emerge from this ceremony with a sense of renewal and rejuvenation.

There is also ample time built into the retreat to relax, rest and rejuvenate. Read in a hammock, lounge by the pool, treat yourself to a massage or take a nap.

Book a free 20 minute discovery call with Lacey before registering to see if this retreat is a fit for you or to answer any of your questions!

Sister Share

Lacey set us on a journey of self discovery that enabled each one of us to connect with our true self on such an intimate level. For me it was a magical heart opening experience that allowed me to step into all that I am, a Divine feminine being with courage and inner knowing. Lacey is a true goddess! Her divine light is honest, pure and shines so bright with every person she meets, and with each offering she shares for the betterment of humanity.” ~ Kerri T, Canada

This retreat is carefully curated to be a safe, nurturing and welcoming container for transformation, healing and joy for any woman who feels the call in her heart and womb.

By participating in the daily program, ceremonies and nature based offerings, you are offered the opportunity to :

TRANSFORM & RELEASE any heavy emotional layers of tension, fear, grief, sadness, worry, anxiety, anger, stress, illness, pain or stagnant energy held in your body from these potent times of planetary change and rebirth.

RESTORE & RELAX as you come home to Nature and the healing powers of the elements. Remember what it feels like to breathe fresh air deeply, to feel your bare feet on the earth, to feel at ease in your body and mind in a quiet sanctuary, to immerse yourself in waterfalls flowing from fresh mountain rivers, to relax and feel the sun on your body, to sit around the fire under a starry night sky and connect with sisters, to feel grounded and centered exactly as you are. Reset your nervous system and realign with tranquility.

EXPLORE all that is AWAKENING within, and around you, as we call forth the wisdom needed to birth a conscious way of being, anchored in Truth & Harmony. Through daily women’s circles or transformative ceremonies, you will remember who you truly are and welcome all of yourself home.

30264650_10104383558171570_5197751271394914225_n   IMG_5972

You don’t have to do it alone.
You are welcome exactly as you are!

Sister Share

“When i’m home, I am the one holding space for others, so being in a place where space is held for me, to experience myself, was very wonderful, and I am very grateful for that.” Franzi, Berlin, Germany

Our Sanctuary: Farm of Life

Farm of Life, nestled in the middle of the jungle at the top of a mountain, makes it the ideal location for our retreat. This gem is located in the Southwest coastal region of Costa Rica, near the Pacific Ocean, Dominical beach and the mountain town of San Isidro. During your stay at Finca de Vida, bask in the high vibrational elements of the farm, feel the nourishing tropical breeze, listen to the symphony of innumerable birds & insects, watch the mesmerizing dance of the butterflies, dragonflies & hummingbirds.


This magical property bursts with radiant, fragrant flowers and lush gardens, towering ceiba trees, and flowing crystalline waters. Connect with Mother Nature and be nurtured by barefoot walking, sun gazing, breathing in fresh mountain air, hiking through the jungle trail, eating off the land and drinking pure spring water. Witness unforgettable sunsets and the mystical, shapeshifting clouds. Every moment at the Farm, everywhere that you look, all that you hear, touch, taste, & smell is an opportunity to experience pure wonderment and awe of this magical slice of paradise.

Take an Aerial tour of the Farm of Life

“From my own experience, the greatest way to truly nourish myself holistically {body, mind and spirit} is to connect with nature through the elements, plants and animals. I want to remind you of the magic, healing and wisdom that is always available to us in the natural world.

It is my absolute honour to extend this invitation to reconnect you with the Greatest Mother: Mother Nature, and I could not think of a more magnificent place than the Farm of Life, in Costa Rica. This serene sanctuary, a place of peace and beauty, is where we will relax, restore, rejuvenate and come back into harmony with nature.” ~ Lacey

What women are sharing about their experience
(watch with subtitles… the jungle is alive!)

Retreat Accommodation Styles at Farm of Life

Deluxe Cabin – Coconut & Monkey suite

two queen beds, exquisite ensuite bathroom with outdoor shower, view of the entire valley, large balcony with rocking chairs and hammock. Offered as semi private (2 share accommodation)

Cabins in the Orchard – Ceiba & Ylang Ylang

two twin beds or 1 king, ensuite bathroom with outdoor shower, fruit orchard view, balcony with hammock & rocking chairs. Offered as private or semi private 2 share

Jungle View Cabins : Toucan & Macaw

Retreat Highlights

Beautiful Eco Accommodations with breathtaking jungle & Pacific ocean views
Traditional Temazcal, sweat lodge, Ceremony with local medicine women
Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance with Indigenous Bri Bri Cacao
8 Days of Transformative Guidance by Lacey Budge
3 Nourishing meals prepared for you daily
Private Waterfall Experiences
Connecting with women who will be friends for life!

for retreat rates, availability & registration details

All Inclusive Retreat Includes

Costa Rica_untitled-9697

7 Nights/8 days Accommodation at the Farm of Life.  
Choose from semi -private, shared or private cabin.
All cabins include a balcony with an epic view, hammock, ensuite bathroom, linens, towels, and fibre optic internet.  

Daily Morning Meditation, Yoga & Movement with Lacey
in the open air yoga temple overlooking the jungle and pacific ocean! The practice is for all levels and combines Lacey’s years of experience as a teacher and student of yoga. She has learned a variety of styles and approaches from various teachers, and during retreats utilizes yoga, movement and meditation as a tool for inner transformation.
All props provided! 

Three Delicious Organic Vegan Gluten Free Meals a day by Farm of Life chef,
served in the open air dining hall, including fresh coconut water and medicinal garden tea! The menu is a beautiful blend of raw high vibration foods (think the best tropical fruit and smoothies you’ve ever had and fresh leafy greens from the organic garden!),  and soul nourishing home cooked meals. Yes, coffee is included with breakfast! 

Sample Menu

Tropical Green Smoothie
Strawberry Vanilla Chia Pudding topped with hemp seeds, cacao and coconut shreds
Fresh Fruit Salad
Local coffee with homemade coconut milk and raw cane sugar / medicinal teas


Rainbow Kale Wraps with Tahini Dressing
Chickpea Hummus & homemade crackers
Garden Salad with honey mustard dressing

Fragrant Basmati Rice & Lentil Dhal served with Apricot Chutney
Roasted Ginger Turmeric Cauliflower
Sesame Garlic Sautéed Garden Greens

Fresh coconut water and medicinal herbal tea available throughout the day

Women’s Wisdom Circles & Ceremonies with Lacey
including a traditional Temazcal Sweat Lodge with local medicine woman (optional),  a cacao ecstatic dance ceremony with cacao from the Indigenous Bribri people of Costa Rica, 5 elements ceremony, and more!!  

Three Waterfall Hikes
including Nayauca Waterfall, and 2 private waterfalls Peace falls & Goddess Falls

Sister Share

“Lacey is a light in one’s spiritual path. With love and kindness she will teach and guide you. Always willing to listen and share her knowledge. A true exam- ple of what living in love means. Every detail of her retreat is well thought will make you feel special and loved. Thank you Lacey.” ~ Patricia, Costa Rica

Beach Trip and picnic lunch at Baru Beach

Spa Day with healing Costa Rican Vida Blue Clay & garden fresh aloe vera

Integration & Transformation Circles guided by Lacey

Farm of Life Medicinal Prana Tour

Costa Rica_untitled-9711

Campfire & Song Circle


Sungazing Instruction with Farm of Life Co-Creator, Brian.

Costa Rica_untitled-2-19

Free time to explore the farm, read in a hammock, swim in the natural pool, rest, recharge on the crystal light rack, hit up the “jungle gym,” or unwind with a massage (additional cost).

Healthy Fibre Optic Wifi to stay connected to loved ones.

Group Shuttle Transfer to/from San Jose Airport Hotel

Mid-Week Laundry Service

+ Bonuses +

20 minute private, complimentary discovery call with Lacey to see if this is the right retreat for you! (optional)

Group Preparation Call before the retreat and Group Integration Call after the retreat with Lacey

Private Group Chat for connecting with sisters and sharing resources

Welcome Letter with full details (ie: current travel policies, what to bring, how to prepare, airport hotel listings, Farm of Life Welcome Letter, retreat schedule, etc.)

Sister Share

“I really took away from this my voice to create the life that I want, not the life that I thought I had to live. I really found who I was and am really excited to see where life takes me now” Sayle, Oklahoma, USA

Not Included

Airfare to San Jose International Airport (San Juan Maria)


Accommodation in San Jose the night before the retreat (February 25th), and potentially the final night of the retreat (March 5th).

PLEASE NOTE: The retreat beings at 8 am on February 26th in San Jose. All guests are required to arrive  in San Jose at least one day prior. The meeting point in San Jose is at Hotel Aeropuerto. The retreat ends on March 5th at 10 am in Dominical, followed by complimentary transport to San Jose airport or hotel. All flights must be booked after 5pm or consider spending the night in San Jose and flying out on the 6th.

Taxi from airport to chosen hotel. Hotel Aeropuerto has a free shuttle.

Massage Therapy ($70- $80)

Staff Gratuities


for retreat rates, availability & registration details

Book a free 20 minute discovery call with Lacey before registering to see if this retreat is a fit for you or to answer any of your questions!

Meet your Inspiring Guide!

Lacey lives a passionate, vibrant, natural and holistic life in the jungles of Costa Rica. She loves to nourish and nurture, and lives a devotional life of service as sacred feminine leader, plant based chef, holistic nutritionist, birth & postpartum doula, yoga teacher, retreat facilitator and women’s womb guide.

Her embodied presence is inspired from over 10 years of seeking – inwardly within her own Being and traveling around the world to sit at the feet of masters – truth, wisdom, and harmony with the natural world. She has humbly come to recognize that nature is her greatest teacher and provides her with everything.

Lacey puts ALL of herself into every offering she shares and is beyond grateful to share the wisdom and practices that have been passed down to her from many incredible teachers.

“Lacey is a living example of being in connection with spirit, service and the divine feminine.
~ Jody Calvi, Farm of Life Owner

::: Questions :::

Sample Daily Schedule

6:15 am Sungazing Meditation (optional)

7:15 – 8:45 am Morning Meditation, Yoga & Movement

9:00 am Nourishing Breakfast

10:30 am Waterfall Hike / Ceremony / Free Time

1 pm Yummy Lunch

4:00 pm Women’s Circle / Free Time

6:00 pm Grounding Dinner

7:30 pm Campfire & Songs / Self Care Practice / Free Time

March 5th (Final Day)

6 am Breakfast
7 am Check out
8-10 Beach time + souvenir shopping
10 am Departure for airport.
All flights after 5 pm.

 Sister Praise from past Women’s Retreats

Take a tour of the Farm of Life,
the sanctuary for our journey together!

for retreat rates, availability & registration details