Holistic Nutrition Workshops & Retreats 

The Conscious Cooking Retreat with Lacey was an informative and inspiring weekend of workshops outlining simple and attainable ways to gradually transition to a holistic lifestyle. Lacey delivered engaging and comprehensive presentations on the many benefits of whole and raw foods & supplements, and shared many family-friendly recipes and suggestions for pursuing a holistic approach to health & nutrition. A wonderfully educational experience, thank you! ~Erin, Ottawa

I had the great pleasure of attending a Conscious Cooking Yoga Retreat at Shanti Retreats this past weekend.  Lacey’s talks on holistic nutrition were full of incredible information!  Lacey is such a pleasure to listen to; she is passionate about health and nutrition, and makes you realize the importance of feeding your body properly.  One look at Lacey’s beautiful smile and glowing skin is proof enough that what she says works!  Thanks again for the inspiration!! ~Michelle, Markham

Cooking Classes

Lacey’s cooking class was an anticipated highlight of our retreat and she did not disappoint. Lacey’s approach is heart-centred and playful in that she encourages tasting! She had a lovely menu planned which reflect her guiding principles in cooking: eating fresh, eating local and eating in season, all prepared mindfully and with love. Lacey said a meal prepared with love always tastes better. I’d venture to add great company, awesome yoga, divine setting and a wonderful knowledgeable teacher open to sharing her knowledge and expertise in a simple, down to earth and approachable fashion. Cook, eat, share and enjoy. ~Pam, Kingston

Lacey’s vegetarian cooking class was fun and informative with practical hands on component. She offered useful nutritional and delicious meal planning tips all based on healthy eating and lessening the environmental impact of food choices. I highly recommended her cooking classes.

Emergence Sisterhood Gatherings, Courses & Retreats 

Your workshop inspired me in a way I never thought I could be. It has literally given me a sense of peace with myself that I did not think was possible! It is because of you that I was able to shine to brightly on stage Saturday.  I promise from now on to never let my inner light dim again 🙂 you have not only inspired me to continue to live a healthy life, but to follow my dreams and not let anyone stand in the way of that!  ~Ariana, Sudbury

Lacey, all I have to say is WOW! I am a very spiritual being and the workshop with you allowed me to find comfort and peace among some problems I had faced. I loved the meditation part and picking out Angels and Goddesses cards. Everything happens for a reason and your philosophy impacted our lives, including mine. I took this experience close to my heart because we are more then human beings but spiritual beings completing the circle of life. Thank you for the amazing time Lacey. I wouldn’t want to change a thing!!

Detox & Wellness Retreats

Lacey, Thank you for sharing your knowledge, recipes and wonderful energy with us.  I learned a lot over the day and a half and I think it was the kick-start I needed to eat healthier.  It was different shopping on Sunday, I was more mindful of what I was putting in my cart.  I look forward to your next retreat. ~ Wendy, Espanola

The retreat was so peaceful and educational. This was the kick start I needed to make changes and I am so motivated to continue this lifestyle. I can’t wait to start making small changes in my daily life. ~ Detox Retreat Participant.

The meditation and yoga was wonderful; insightful info about nutrition and the connection to mind, body and spirit. I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. ~ Detox Retreat Participant

Yoga Classes 

Every yoga class I take with you is met with genuine guidance and love. I learn something new every time on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Each class I continue to be introduced to new things, music, affirmations and food for thought. And these things are such wonderful extensions of yoga, which many people, I believe, tend to see and define yoga as only ‘physical’…. Your class always speaks to my heart and I am so thankful:) Truly rejuvenating and enlightening experience! ~Aimee T, Espanola

Yoga has brought this sense of inner peace I feel I’ve been looking a LONG time for. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for introducing me to such a healthy calm. It’s uncomfortable and irritating at times but it just feels so right. I have now done classes with 3 different teachers and I must say that hands down you have been my favorite. I’m so grateful and appreciative of what you’ve given me and how you have opened my eyes to exactly what I needed at this moment in my life. I look forward to sharing the space with you again very soon. ~Andrea N, Espanola

Ecstatic Dance

I participated in Lacey’s ecstatic dance class at Finca de Vida in Costa Rica. The experience was incredible! I had so much fun just moving my body freely and exploring body expression linked to different chakras. At the end of the class I felt so much self-love and self-acceptance. I never felt so good with myself before and self-acceptance was something I always really struggled with. Even now, a couple of weeks after the class I can see how this experience influences different aspects of my life, especially my relationships. I am so grateful for being given an opportunity to discover ecstatic dance and I am looking forward to using it regularly in my life.
~ Dominika, UK
When I first read the words “Ecstatic Dance Class” on my retreat itinerary, I was hesitant. Dancing in front of other people has always been uncomfortable for me. Yet, I still went, and I am so happy I did. Lacey led an experience I will never forget. She created such safety that I was able to dance freely with joy among others. The music, the love in the room, the reconnecting with our souls- it all moved me to tears and a beaming smile. Lacey has a real gift. She owns her power and her joy and knows how to guide others to theirs. Thank you Lacey!
~ Jamie A, California

5 thoughts on “Praise

  1. Shirley Bruce

    I participated in Lacey’s Nutritional workshop classes as well as my daughter and enjoyed every
    minute of it. I learned some things I didn’t know and definitely will be making some changes in my diet after hearing all the great messages Lacey had to offer our group. Lacey is very passionate
    about what she does and it shows in her smile and sparkle in her eyes.
    Shirley B. – Fort Erie, ON.


    1. laceybudge Post author

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I trust that some of the info resonated with you and that you will begin to apply some of the tips! It was a pleasure to welcome you and your daughter!


  2. Kerri Tessier

    Woman’s Emergence Course
    Lacey’s Emergence group for woman went far beyond my expectations! She set us on a journey of self discovery that enabled each one of us to connect with our true self on such an intimate level. For me it was a magical heart opening experience that allowed me to step into all that I am, a Devine feminine being with courage and inner knowing. That is a true gift! And it has served me well with many of the challenges I face in my own life. It has helped to boost my confidence and expand myself with such gratitude. I have so many resources and new tools to use when I need them. Lacey is a true goddess! Her devine light is honest, pure and shines so bright with every person she meets, and with each offering she shares for the betterment of humanity.


  3. Cindy Stewart

    I spent Friday night and the full day Saturday at my very first silent retreat. What an awe inspiring experience. Thank you Lacey Budge for making this happen. I don’t even have words to describe how much I benefited and how much it was needed! I am so inspired to add more stillness both into my own personal practice as well as encouraging it in the lives of my family members. First step, we’ve agreed as a family to have 10 minutes of silence every Sunday morning. Once we accomplish that easily we will increase the time. Small baby steps on the path to peace.


  4. Kerri Tessier

    My experience at the 1.5 silent retreat with @Lacey budge was truly an amazing experience! I am not new to meditation practise it has been a part of my life for some time. But this wow, allowing myself to just “be” and remain in a state of deep awareness brought so much clarity and beauty to each and every moment in such a profound way. Finding that place within yourself is such a blissful experience. It is where the truth in everything is, it’s deep appreciation for living itself, the feeling of aliveness, being connected to everything. It’s has allowed me to love being alone with myself again with gratitude! When I can bring some of this beauty into daily life, synchronicity happens and all of the simple moments become even more beautiful. Thank you for offering this experience filled with gentle guidance, amazing food and inspiring teachings. I think I’m ready for a 3 day!



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