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Detox & Nourish in Costa Rica during 8 Day Women’s Retreat 2023

Come be nourished at the Farm of Life!

Some guests have come on retreat at the Farm of Life for the food, and that is a totally valid reason- it’s beyond delicious! 

Regardless of what brings you to the farm on a wellness retreat, the nourishing meals prepared by chef Ariana will be a highlight of your stay- and will leave you feeling inspired! 

As women, we are often caring (and cooking!) for others. We are naturally nurturing and nourishing that which we love, and what matters to us. It’s absolutely beautiful, AND can also be exhausting. 

When you come to a women’s retreat, you get to enjoy 10 days without cooking and cleaning! Yes you heard me- no chopping, stirring, blending, sautéing or best yet, washing up.

A retreat is an opportunity to step away from your day to day life and dedicate this time to fill your cup, to nurture yourself and to be nourished. 

Opening and allowing to receive is not always easy as we have been programmed to always be giving. Receptivity is a beautiful feminine quality that can bring greater balance to our lives. 

Food is only one way to be nourished on a retreat. You’ll also be nourished by nature’s jungle beauty, pristine waterfalls, sunshine, meaningful connection, silence, movement, stillness, self care and simply being. 

We have space for you to come and be nourished in Costa Rica during my upcoming women’s wisdom retreats. 

Choose from  January 25th-February 1st or  March 4th- 11th 

Retreats include three wholesome and delicious vegetarian and gluten free meals a day – with exception for special ceremony days- as well as fresh coconut water and medicinal teas with herbs from the greenhouse. 

You can learn more about my annual women’s retreat in my bio link or visit www.holisticlacey.com/retreats

See you in the jungle,

Find Sisterhood at Costa Rica Women’s Retreat 2023

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”– Zen Shin

How beautiful are these flower images taken at @farm_of_lifein Costa Rica!?!
One of the main reasons I’ve continued to host retreats here since 2016 is because of the absolute and exquisite natural beauty of this place. This land used to be cow pasture when purchased, and it’s now transformed into a sanctuary and true garden of Eden! 
I cannot put it into words, but just by stepping foot on this land and being in awe of all nature’s beauty, you CHANGE AND TRANSFORM. 
It sounds too easy I know, but simply witnessing beauty with presence shifts something within our inner tapestry. 
When you combine the beauty and stillness of the land + being surrounded by incredible women in scared sisterhood, the transformation deepens!
Like the flower, you will not compete with other women in your blossoming. We will not compare ourself to another’s journey. We will not gossip, or judge or uphold jealousy or insecurity. 
During the upcoming WOMEN’S WISDOM RETREATS, we will REMEMBER together how to honour each woman, including ourselves, in her beauty and perfection. 

We will
For too long, we have been stuck in a cycle of competition and comparison with other women, even our own friends! 
Most women I work with have never experienced being with other women in this way, and once you experience the beauty of it, there is no going back! It actually becomes impossible to sit in a conversation with gossip and drama! 
If you’re feeling ready to shift your relationship with nature, yourself, your partner and the women in your life… 

January 25th-February 1st (registration closes the 18th)
March 4th-11 2023 
Awakening Inner Wisdom retreat with ayahuasca ceremony.
Learn More Here
Are you ready to bloom? 

Gather in sisterhood in Costa Rica ~ February 2021

“We’ll walk the paths where the old ones walked And we’ll dance the dances they taught us and we’ll sing the songs the old ones sang for the magic now has caught us” 🎵 woman of the earth by spiral dance

Have you experienced the magic of the ancient ways? Of connecting with the elements and spirits of the land? Have you sat in circle with your sisters and sang the songs that have been recorded into each of our cells? Have you been witnessed by your sisters in your dance of wildness, liberation and ecstasy?

A “new” way of being together in sisterhood requires a remembrance of the ways we have been before. A devotional, mindful way of living in harmony and connection with the earth and her elements as sacred vessels and bridges between heaven and earth.

Inviting you to experience nature and reconnect to her magic… To reconnect to the magic that lives within you and the power of women gathering. We ARE gathering at the Farm of Life in Costa Rica for 8 magical days of Remembrance, Reclamation & Celebration.

February 17th – 24th 2021
Awaken & Restore: Women’s Self Care & Self Discovery Retreat